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Facial Setup

Welcome to Smooth Skin! Established in 2018, Smooth Skin is the place in the Farmington Valley for customized skin care, hair removal, and lash & brow care. Sarah offers different options in each of those categories to be sure there's something best suited for you. She strives to encourage everyone to embrace acceptance of one another and all of our differences, help everyone that comes in feel their best in their own skin exactly as they want to, and provide safe and effective services to help you feel like your best and most confident self!

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I’ve been an Esthetician for over 10 years. I started out my career working in a salon that focused on eyebrow and eyelash services, which is where I developed a serious love for shaping eyebrows. From there, I started focusing more on skin. I began working at a spa in West Hartford, and my passion for skin and waxing grew simultaneously. I then began working for a major waxing chain and was able to perfect my waxing skills. I absolutely love learning and continue my education with classes, workshops, webinars, and more regularly to be sure that I’m armed with the right information to give you the best outcome with any service you experience here.


I’m excited to offer my skillset in Farmington in a clean, warm, and comfortable environment, where each visit is completely tailored to you and your needs! Nothing makes me happier than being able to help someone feel confident in their own skin, and I’d be honored to be the one to help you get there.

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