Waxing is the process of removing unwanted hairs by applying wax to the desired area in order to adhere to the hairs, and then peeling it off in a quick motion to pull the hairs from the root of the follicle. Smooth Skin offers both hard wax and strip wax in order to more effectively customized your waxing experience, and to be able to offer it to more people (like those who may not do well with strip wax).


Brows- $20

Lip- $10

Chin- $10

Nose- $10

Sides- $12

Cheeks- $10

Forehead- $15

Ears- $12

Neck- $15

Back of neck- $15

Full face- $60


Underarms- $18
Upper arm- $35
Lower arm- $30
Full arm- $55
Chest- $35
Shoulders- $20
Stomach- $25
Partial stomach- $15

Upper Back- $30

Lower Back $30

Full Back- $55

Before and after brow transformation; top photo is what we started with, bottom photo is what they look like now.

Upper leg- $55
Lower leg- $40
Full leg- $85
Hands- $15
Feet- $15
Fingers- $10
Toes- $10

Ladies Only: 

Bikini- $30 

Brazilian- $50

Before and after brow shaping and slight tint.

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